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  • Custom Golf Carts

    We offer professionally built custom golf carts at amazingly fair prices.  Many of our carts are listed here, but you’re encouraged to stop by and see our inventory because our stock changes daily.  We would be happy to answer your questions and guarantee a no pressure atmosphere.

    We also build custom carts at no extra charge.  You pick the body style, color, upholstery, wheels, accessories, and other upgrades and our experts will build you a turnkey cart that you’re sure to love.

    0% Financing Available for 12 months! Average approval only takes 5 minutes! What are you waiting for? Click here to see if you're approved!

  • Batteries

    We carry Trojan Batteries, the industry leader in golf cart batteries, as well as Pacer and Powertron batteries, which are a discounted line of batteries offered by Trojan. Pacer and Powertron are good batteries, Trojan are great batteries. With proper care and maintenance, Trojan batteries last 5 years on average.

    0% Financing Available for 12 months! Average approval only takes 5 minutes! What are you waiting for? Click here to see if you're approved!

    Read more about Trojan Batteries here

  • Repairs & Maintenance

    We are a full-service golf cart garage and are capable of assisting you with all of your repair and maintenance needs.  Most of our customers drop off their golf carts, but if you need help getting your golf cart to us, we do offer a pick up and drop off service. 
    Please call for pickup service rates, which are based off of your location.

    0% Financing Available for 12 months! Average approval only takes 5 minutes! What are you waiting for? Click here to see if you're approved!
    •   Common services that we offer are: 
      • Battery maintenance
      • Battery replacement
      • System troubleshooting
      • Electrical system repairs
      • Gasoline engine repairs
      • Front end alignment, adjust toe and camber
      • Tire pressure service
      • Tire replacement
      • Brake inspection, adjustment, and / or replacement
      • Axel bearing replacement
      • Steering repair & tie rod end replacement
      • Inspection and repair of front wheel bearings, spindles, linkage, and kingpins
      • Verifying forward / reverse switch or assembly for proper and smooth operation
      • Replacement of bushings and grommets
      • Many additional services offered
    •  Common electric golf cart services include: 
      • Troubleshooting
      • Clean and inspect batteries
      • Inspect condition of battery cables, accessory wiring to batteries, and terminals
      • Check battery fluid level and fill as required
      • Test battery charger operation
      • Treat terminals, posts, and connections with protection / corrosion prevention
      • Repair nonworking lights
      • Test and repair solenoid
      • Test and repair microswitches
      • Test and repair controller and motor
      • Motor overhaul / replace motor brushes
    •  Common gas golf cart services include: 
      • Troubleshooting
      • Changing engine oil and filter
      • Replacing air and fuel filters
      • Changing spark plug(s)
      • Inspect and adjust or replace drive / starter / generator belt
      • Test engine compression
      • Inspect engine for oil leaks
      • Check fuel linkages and adjust as necessary
      • Clean and inspect carburetor / fuel injection system
      • Repair or replace fuel pump and fuel lines
  • Jesica T.

    Oakdale, LA

    Thanks again for everything!  He loved it!
  • Becky H.

    Scott, LA

    We finally decided to purchase a golf cart and visited with Andrew, owner of Patriot Golf Carts. What a GREAT experience. He educated us on all aspects of the cart and gave us the best price around. What is always great when you purchase something is "service after the sale." You definitely have this with Patriot Golf Carts. We've called and or stopped by the shop on several occasions to ask questions. We were greeted the same as when we went to buy and everything was clearly explained to us. One issue (which ended up being us just not understanding a feature on the cart) brought on the response of, "if we can't get it working, we will replace it." Hands down, the best place to buy a golf cart! And to put icing on the cake, this is a Veteran owned business!!
  • Brooke C.
    Wanted to show you the before and after pics of the golf cart that we recently purchased from y'all! 
  • Wendell W.
    We bought our golf cart from Patriot Golf Carts earlier this year. Andrew is a super nice guy and hard worker. We really like the amenities on our cart. It has a fold out back seat that makes it very versatile for country living. He installed the accessories and did a great job of explaining the specs on the cart. I will definitely use him again in the future for our golf cart needs.  Great experience!