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After well over 20 years of military service, Andrew retired and moved back home to Central Louisiana (CENLA).  Having moved from one duty station to another over the years, he was finally able to put down roots and fulfill his dream of having his own shop.  He initially got into golf carts as a hobby to help justify and pay for his new shop and tools. What he didn’t expect were the numerous requests from people that followed, asking for help repairing their golf carts, help with replacement batteries, and even requests for custom golf cart builds.  It wasn’t long before he realized he needed help himself if he was going to keep up with the demand for all of these new requests. He knew that help had arrived when he found his newest best friend, Brian Guillot.

Brian shared Andrew’s passion for wanting to do quality work.  Their common experience as veterans helped them form a bond as strong as brothers.  Patriot Golf Carts seemed like a fitting name for a veteran owned business. They’ve had the great honor of meeting numerous fellow veterans along their journey of wanting to help everyone that they can.  From the beginning, they knew that they wanted to be “fair and honest” and try their best to do what was right. Nowadays, the majority of their customers come to them by referrals, and they are still humbled each time a customer tells them that a friend or family member referred them.

Patriot Golf Carts started with very modest beginnings.  Andrew actually had to borrow a buddy’s trailer to pick up his first purchase of golf carts.  With much hard work and persistence, they have slowly grown into a company that now employs several workers and helps quite a few customers on a weekly basis.  As the business continues to grow, they now find themselves expanding into ATVs and other outdoor equipment. Similar to the company’s beginning, the guys listened when their customers started asking for help with their ATV’s, and they stepped out on faith to answer the call.  To this, everyone at Patriot is humbled and gives all the glory to God for His continued blessings.

Andrew and Brian acknowledge all of the help and endless support they’ve received from their wives,
children, parents, and friends who have always stood ready to lend a helping hand.

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Which credit cards do you accept?
We are able to receive all major credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, etc.)
I’m interested in financing, who does your funding?
Although many of our customers have used their member credit union or bank, our preferred lender is Tower Loan. Average approval only takes 5 minutes. Offering 12 months at 0% interest! Click here to apply.
How much is a typical monthly payment on a golf cart?
Financing is available through a local lender, and here are common payment examples that they provided us with:
  • $3,500 financed would be $125 monthly
  • $4,500 financed would be $155 monthly
  • $5,000 financed would be $175 monthly
Can I use my credit card to purchase my golf cart or batteries? It pays me points!
Yes, we’ve had several of our customers pay using a credit or debit card.  The processing company does charge a 2% card processing fee, but we’ve been told that it basically washes out with a points card.  You are also welcome to pay with cash or check.
Which brand of golf cart is the best?
We carry EZ GO, Club Car, and Yamaha golf carts.  Just like Dodge, Ford, and Chevy, some folks may prefer one brand over the other, but they are all good golf carts.  We recommend you stay away from any other brands besides these top three.
Do you carry gas and electric golf carts? Which one is best?
Yes, we carry both gas and electric, and whether you need a gas or electric cart really depends on how you plan to use it.  Several neighborhoods and campgrounds may only allow battery powered carts, so we recommend checking with them if this is how you plan to use it.  If you have land and do not want to have to recharge your batteries, gas may be a better fit for you.
Do you custom build golf carts? I want a specific color and I would like to pick out my rims.
Yes, we build custom carts regularly, and we do not even charge any extra for doing so.
I didn’t buy a golf cart from you, can I still drop mine off for repair?
Yes, absolutely.  We’re here to help!
Do you take trades?
Yes, we take golf carts, ATVs, and occasionally other things on trade.  Our goal is for everyone to be pleased in the end.